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Promoting Wellness & Supporting Women's Health

Welcome to the Nurture Pad, a place for women to feel supported, nurtured, cared-for and valued.  As a Women's Wellness Practitioner, I offer a fantastic range of Holistic Therapies, all designed to promote your overall mental and physical well-being.   Offering a range of treatment's, service's and product's, I help you achieve optimal wellness providing foundations for a happier, healthier and and more fulfilling life.

My passion, and my drive, is fueled by the amazing support women offer women.  Through a deep understanding of shared experiences, respect and connection, I feel able to offer a unique and empathetic service. 

Natural Healing for Physical and Mental Health

As a complementary and holistic therapist, and a Women's Wellness Practitioner, I use the body's most natural processes to maintain and enhance health.  At times, these processes require attention and care to re-balance and to work effectively.  To achieve optimum physical and emotional health,  more than one approach is often needed, particularly at key time's in our lives.  

With qualifications, experience and accreditation's in Women's Wellness, Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Massage, Reflexology, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnobirthing, Parenting Support and Antenatal Care, I offer a nurturing, holistic and professional service. I am highly qualified and experienced in Child Development, Early Year's and childhood holistic wellness offering Baby Massage Instructor and Soothe, Settle and Sleep Consultancy.

My Range of Services

I specialise in therapies for women and children, to include:


Acupressure Massage

Indian Head Massage

Thai Foot Massage

Antenatal and Postnatal Parenting Support


Fertility Enhancement

Mental Health: Talking Therapies, Mindfulness, ACT Approach, CBT, Psychological Support, NLP

Hypnotherapy for Change

Caring for women, also involves caring for men, and I do this by offering a range of talking therapies for male clients.   I value and respect the need for men to have a safe, open space where they are able to explore some of their psychological and emotional challenges.  

The Nurture Pad Services and Therapies

A Range of Services, Therapies & Natural Products

With an amazing range of  holistic therapies, including Hypnobirthing, Acupressure Massage, Reflexology and Talking Therapies, you are sure to find a treatment you love.  As more is understood about the mind-body relationship, complementary practice's and therapies grow in popularity and are widely recognised as therapeutic in their own right.   These therapies provide a unique level of emotional and physical support in times of illness and injury, recovery, challenges and helping you to move forward.  

I have membership and accreditation to professional bodies, assuring you of a top-quality, regulated service.  Current membership includes: Complementary Therapist's Association (CThA), International Alliance of Holistic Therapist's,  International Alliance for Holistic Therapists, Federation of Antenatal Educator's, KG Hypnobirthing and The British Psychological Society (BPS). 

Accreditation & Membership

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